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TOTAL HEALTH INT'L is a five year old US-based (Georgetown, Texas) Nutritional company on a mission:

• to introduce as many new people as we can reach to the amazing world of Network Marketing Home Entrepreneurship.

• to provide you, our dedicated customers and distributors, with unique, natural products that deliver robust health and wellness.

• to provide you with an income-earning OPTION that is so simple, so easy to do, so attractive and appealing....so demonstrably lucrative that no-one would ever need to convince you or sell you on it!

ONLY20BUCKS is, first and foremost, the DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE BUYING CLUB division of Total Health Int'l. As an active member of ONLY20BUCKS, you are eligible to purchase any number and variety of your choice from our ever-expanding Product Line.

Secondly ONLY20BUCKS is our MARKETING arm whose sole purpose is to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs everywhere to get started in a micro-enterprise of their own with minimal out of pocket expense and be able to achieve financial success without a whole lot of hassle.

Our vision is embodied in one word - SIMPLICITY!

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