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Only20Bucks - Your Key To EASY Success!

Our compensation plan is unlike any other in the MLM industry. We have created a plan that is affordable for the average person to participate and receive a substantial unlimited income coming in 'bite-size' pieces. The main idea is to help as many people as we can possibly to achieve significant financial success that opens a new window to substantial and unlimited success.

ONLY20BUCKS is not only our DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE BUYING CLUB, it is also the Marketing and Business-building System for the distribution of Total Health Int'l Health & Wellness products.

Membership is just $20 monthly which, for many pro-active members, can be a one time out of pocket expense given our simple yet powerful compensation model.


Open Your New Window Of Opportunity

There are FOUR ways to earn income with Only20bucks:

1 - Retail Sales!
2 - Residual Matrix commissions!
3 - Infinity Matching Matrix Commissions!
4 - Discounted Wholesale Profits!

Earn up to three levels of ALL downline Discounted Wholesale product purchases (that's 10%, 5% and 5%). This feature alone could generate a great monthly income!

PLEASE NOTE: Share this opportunity with just TWO others and you will be jump-starting a process that will pay you significantly and very quickly.

The Launch Board
With this Starter Quick SILVER Matrix Board, anyone can get started easily and be able to quickly upgrade to a higher Board in the Compensation Plan. The Quick SILVER Matrix Board is designed to allow members to come in with just $20 and be able to upgrade into the lucrative 2x8 GOLD Membership Board.

With just TWO new memberships under you in the Quick SILVER Board - whether from your own efforts or from SPILLOVER your membership.

• You will be automatically be upgraded to GOLD and your membership will be fully paid for ONE month.
• The cost of your PROPAY MasterCard Debit Card will be fully covered.
• The cost of your Replicated website including Hosting and Maintenance will be fully covered for as long as you remain an active DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE CLUB member.
Levels Number of
$20.00 One-Time
Commissions Total Earnings
1 2 20.00 40.00 40.00
No sponsoring required. Even as a SILVER Member, you will be a fully qualified Discounted Wholesale Club Member and have access to all our available 'Discounted Wholesale Products.
As an active GOLD Member - $20 monthly - you are a fully qualified DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE BUYING CLUB Member with full membership benefits:

• You are eligible to purchase any number and variety of products of your choice at our deeply discounted Wholesale pricing. Your purchases can be for personal use or for Retail.
• You are fully qualified to earn Residual Matrix Commissions as your Network grows.
• You are fully qualified to earn Infinity Matching Commissions starting with just ONE Personal Referral.
Levels Number of
$20.00 Monthly
Commissions Total Earnings
1 2 1.00 2.00 2.00
2 4 0.50 2.00 4.00
3 8 0.50 4.00 8.00
4 16 2.00 32.00 40.00
5 32 1.00 32.00 72.00
6 64 0.50 32.00 104.00
7 128 1.00 128.00 232.00
8 256 3.00 768.00 1,000.00
Chart above is for illustrative purposes only and not guarantee income. No sponsoring required to earn Gold Matrix Commissions.
100% 2-UP INFINITY Matching Bonus

ONLY20BUCKS Pay Plan provides a strong incentive that encourages our members to put some effort into referring and helping others grow and earn income. As a qualified Gold distributor you will receive 100% Matching Bonuses on the Gold Matrix earnings of everyone in your POWERLINE to INFINITY!


Here's how the way the Infinity Matching Bonus works:

Normally, the way the 2-UP system works when product sales are made by someone you have referred, is that they would keep the 1st sale...pass up the 2nd sale to you...they keep the 3rd sale and pass up the 4th sale to you. That is the exact same way it will work with the Infinity Matching Bonus. The 2nd and 4th Matching Bonus Commissions that your referrals qualify for would come to you and they, in turn, would pass up their 2nd and 4th Matching Bonuses and so on...to infinity! Your Direct Referrals would keep the 1st, 3rd and all subsequent Matching Bonus Commissions that they qualify to earn ans so on to infinity!.

Example based on 100% Matching Bonus Payout: Let's say you refer A, B, C, D, E and F. Besides the Matching Bonuses you would earn on the Matrix earnings of B and D, all your other referrals would be coded to you and you would earn 100% of whatever they earn in the 2x8 Matrix. Additionally, you would earn Matching Bonuses from the 2nd and 4th Referrals...and their 2nd and 4th referrals to infinity! Each will also transfer 2 of their first four Matching Bonuses directly to you. This results in an explosive growth of the number of sales that are attributed directly to you.

So as you can see, starting from your 5th direct referral there is no more passing up from you. All your direct referals are yours to keep and they would pass 'their second and fourth matching bonus' up to you, they would also have of their downline pass up 'their second and fourth Matching bonuses' to you...

With just 2 Direct Matching Bonuses passed up to you and their 2 passed to you and so on, this plan doubles your Matching Bonus commissions for every level of depth IN EVERY PAYLINE to INFINITY! THAT'S $1,000, $2,000, $4,000, $8,000, $16,000 and on and on and on and on!!!!!!

NOTICE the insertion of IN EVERY PAYLINE


Forget about it! Stop throwing your money away with other programs, Only20bucks Affiliate program is the most doable and exciting opportunity I have ever seen in all my years in the industry!!

George Salinas; Austin, TX


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